Thursday, 4 June 2009

Juneau Biosciences are looking for Women with Endo

If you have diagnostically confirmed endometriosis then there is a study being conducted by Juneau Biosciences that you may be interested in. The main aim of their research is to look for genetic similarities between women with endometriosis to try and find out which women are more likely to develop endometriosis and why. This could, in turn, lead to better diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.
If you think you’d like to participate in this study get onto the website and have a look at the study details. If you do qualify you can expect the following:

You will be contacted by a study coordinator and introduced to the organization conducting this research

They will send you a packet with a questionnaire, medical record release, and saliva sample kit

After completion, you will send these items back to their facilities in the postage-paid envelope provided

If you are interested, they will send you occasional information regarding the progress of their research

Now, they do require access to your medical records and personal information which I know may put a few people off. Therefore, I have personally been in touch with the company and screened them to make sure they’re genuine, however if you have any queries then don’t be afraid to contact them via the contact details on their website, they are very amicable.

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