Wednesday, 13 June 2012

New Study for Couples Living with Endometriosis in the UK

Living with endometriosis generally isn’t much fun, there’s an understatement. The disease puts so many extra strains on your life and relationships, yet it’s this personal aspect of the disease that often goes under recognised in the research. So wouldn’t it be nice if someone tackled this issue to help raise awareness about how difficult it is to live with endo and at the end of it, maybe find a way to help people be more understanding? Well, are you someone currently in a relationship living with endometriosis that resides in the United Kingdom? Then you may be eligible to take part in some research aimed at getting a better understanding on how endometriosis impacts relationships.

Here is an outline from the research team of the work being carried out
Endopart - Endometriosis: Improving the well-being of couples
Would you and your partner consider taking part in research about your experience of living with endometriosis?

Researchers at De Montfort University, Birmingham City University and the University of Nottingham are carrying out research into the impact of endometriosis on couples in the UK. The team will use the findings to make recommendations about how women with endometriosis and their partners can best be supported and how care can be improved. The research, led by Prof Lorraine Culley, has been funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council and has received ethical approval.

The team would like to interview heterosexual couples living in the UK:

.       who have been living together for at least one year,

.       where the woman has experienced endometriosis-related symptoms for at least one year and

.       where the woman has a diagnosis of endometriosis following laparoscopy.

Each partner will be interviewed separately. Findings from the study will be anonymous. If English is not your first language the team can arrange for an interpreter to be present.

If you and your partner would be interested in taking part:

.       Visit to find out more and register your interest online or

.       Contact Caroline Law, Research Assistant, at or on 0116 2506124.
If that sounds like something you’d be interested in I heartily encourage you to check out the website and get in touch. I can recommend it especially as my wife and I have already taken part and I’m also an advisor to the research group, so it comes with my own personal seal of approval (if I had one).

From my own personal experience I can say the interviews are informal and relaxed, the people who do the research are lovely and you also get a £20 shopping voucher for taking part!


  1. Hi, Matthew, how are you? I found your ideia amazing, because my five-year relationship ended, and much of the reason it was endometriosis, because I had deep dyspareunia and was a few years asexual. I'm rooting for the success of this research and for you to place in other countries, like Brazil. Here, no relationship with a woman and a man survive without sex, men and women are very active sexually, like those who want to have sex every day, up more than once a day, morning and evening type, for example. I know that many women take their own life for failing to give pleasure to your partner. I was the first woman to talk openly about it in my country, so I'll be at your disposal. Hugs and blessings Caroline Salazar

  2. Hi Caroline, I'm good thanks, hope you are doing well. I've got to admit I've never understood why some people find sex so important, my partner also suffers from severe deep dyspareunia and the lack of sex has never bothered me. The way I look at it is that sex isn't like food or water, you wont die if you don't have it! so partners of women with dyspareunia should really put things in perspective. It sounds like you were very brave to talk openly about this to people, I hope it gave more women the courage to talk openly too. All the best, Matt

  3. Hi, Mattheus! I have a good news for you! Twenty days after my second surgery videolaparoscopic the Miracle Happened in my life: I don't feel no pain. I'm free of these damn pains and I hope it's forever. I wrote in my blog about my postoperative recovery. I don't know what it was to live without pain, in my last 10 years. My doctor didn't find active foci of endo, but again, my abdominal and pelvic organs were all wrapped each other and my left fallopian tube, for example, was adhered to my sigmoid. She is parcial infertile now, but not 100%. The right is 100% fertile and beautiful. I really enjoyed your last post, before these, and want to publish it on my blog. I also want meet you to my readers, speaking a few lines who you are, how long studies of endometriosis, a quick briefing on his professional life. When you have time, send to Thank you for helping us, share your knowledge with those who have endometriosis is to find the light at the end of the tunnel for those who suffer from it. I know it's so difficult to you, an European citizen, imagine how anyone can put sex in the first step in a relationship. This is the head of Latino men and women, especially the Brazilians. I never had this head, Latin and Brazilian. I always thought I was born in the wrong country, but now, after the endo, I know because I was born here. Count on me for their projects. It would be great if Brazilian men had a head like yours, but here many women commit suicide for the simple fact of being humiliated and abandoned by their partners, because of dyspareunia. Therefore, I as a journalist and a woman with endometriosis and dyspareunia, I decided to treat on this subject and help many women find the correct treatment. Mine dyspareunia was severe and deep, as his wife, but after two years of treatment, I'm much better and because of the surgery, I go back to physical  therapy urogynecologic in August. I hope rehabilitate soon find a new boyfriend and live without pains forever! You can read about my recovery in: Hugs and blessings! Caroline Salazar

  4. Hi Caroline, I was thrilled to hear your good news! you absolutely deserve to be pain free and I hope you remain pain free forever. I'm sure your life will dramatically improve from now on and hopefully this is the beginning of a new chapter for you. I’d be honoured if you wanted to introduce me to your readers, I’ll put something together and hopefully email you sometime this week.
    Wishing you all the best


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